USD Passionata Concept



Ugur Sahin Design has revealed the GT-S Passionata Concept, a classic sportscar based on the 2007 Ferrari Dino Concept and inspired by the design of Italian GTs from the 1960s. Depending on the public feedback, a limited production series will be evaluated.
Currently workig on the final production version of the Corvette Z03 Concept presented back in February, Ugur Sahin Design has revealed a new virtual concept car called GT-S Passionata that builds on the neoclassicaldesign laguage of the 2007 Ferrari Dino Concept which raised much attention from the media and the Internet audience.
Based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano aluminium space frame chassis and powertrain, the GT-S Passionata is defined by USD as “a feasible design concept, which indicates that when there will be a demand for customer conversions, production will be arranged.”
The name Passionata (an “Italianism” for Passionate) refers to the passion dedicated by Ugur Sahin himself in creating the Ferrari Dino concept.
Speaking about the GT-S Passionata, Ugur Sahin explains ” it is a grand sports tourer whose design language brings back to the days of Ferrari’s iconic GT and race cars from the sixties.”
The USD GT-S Passionata concept has been developed for customers that desire a blend of neo-classical body design language combined with modern technologies and road performance.