Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept



After the USD C3 design concept has made its way to production as “Anadi”, UgurSahinDesign is proud to introduce AlfaRomeo C12 GTS Concept.
“The main goal of this design is to reinterpret Alfa Romeo’s historical lines, surfaces and styling cues with fresh perspective and state of mind in order to create an appealing design and combining the familiar design language of Alfa Romeo combined with sharper lines and surfaces without losing the organic attractiveness of the car.
One of the main features of the design is the way its stance is shaped. As a whole it gives you the impression of “forward-movement” even while standing still. The iconic Alfa Romeo Grille hosts the center of the organic lines which flow towards the back and around the car with minimum distraction and maximum visual impact. The way the front is designed consists of two different shape compositions to make the face of the car sporty and aggressive, yet so appealing.
The side silhouette creates a balanced front-to-back ratio that grabs your attention with proper proportional balance and the perfectly straight line that divides the upper and the lower parts of the car seamlessly wraps around the back making the car look as a whole.”
Currently we are actively looking for investors and parties who want to be involved in the project in order to build an exclusive car which is destined to give its owner the ultimate feeling of powerful design and driving experience.
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